Tips for Organizing the Room to Look Broad

To make the area look spacious, there are several steps that can be applied.

Interior designer Penthouse, Magi Design Studio can be an inspiration in arranging the room to make it look spacious.

The owner who used to live in an apartment dreamed of an aura of tranquility, simplicity, blending into nature, and relief, so the concept of a Bali resort is perfect for this penthouse.

Magi Design Studio simplifies the penthouse in Pesona Bahari Apartment to be more spacious and efficient.

For rooms that are often shared with families, such as the living room and dining room, these two areas can be located in one elongated room. In addition to broad impressions, families can interact unobstructed.

Simple Material
In the context of simplicity, the interior designer only uses three types of material, namely travertine, merbau wood with walnut color finishing, and unfinished gray wall.These three materials were also chosen because of their natural and basic colors, in addition to being free of maintenance, “said Margaret Jo as the principal of Magi Design Studio.

These three materials are arranged so that each room has a different character and atmosphere according to its function.

Although not a collector, the pair of owners really like art, so a lot of artwork is placed at some end of the corridor as a vista.

Glass Doors and Windows for Green Parks
Every homeowner must have his favorite spot. For this penthouse, the reading room gets its own privileges with exclusive views towards the pool and the soothing sound of water.

Owners alike often spend time on the terrace or garden, so Magi Design Studio provides easy access to the terrace from several areas, as well as a soothing horizon view in each room. Aside from being a refresher, parks, and water ponds function as filters from air pollution.

Use Mirror Glass
An interesting design from Magi Design Studio is the stair area. The use of mirror glass in this area is one solution to expand the area.

“If the staircase area is seen from the main corridor, this mirror gives an effect that shows the entire apartment unit and feels like a spacious penthouse connected to a magnificent staircase in the center of the room,” Yogi Ferdinand who also serves as principal Magi Design Studio added.

Camouflage Furniture
For a practical and neat storage solution, this penthouse uses a hidden cabinet and camouflage doors.

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