The house feels warm at the end of the year with furniture

The collection was introduced at performances which took place from 19 to 29 December 2019 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE).

This color selection is increasingly mingled with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere while chatting with family at this holiday season.

Products such as Jimmy sofa set with velvet surface and Serra dining chair were also introduced in this exhibition.

The whole new collection is increasingly elegant and cheerful when juxtaposed with a series of interior accessories that are also offered by Nestudio. Most of the accessories from the vase to dinnerware appear in a combination of turquoise color.

Along with the launch of this latest product, Nestudio also offers a variety of special programs for visitors. One of them is Stylish Home Package. This service is a medium by Nestudio in offering one stop solutions for prospective buyers of its products.

This range of solutions for sitting room, dining room, and bedroom is presented for visitors who want to build an elegant and stylish interior.

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