Small Living Room Inspiration Looks Broad + Tips!

Do you live in a minimalist house type 36 or a studio type apartment? 10 inspiration and design tips so that the small living room will feel spacious.

The living room is the heart of the house; where you will lay down after you are tired of working or entertaining your closest friends and family.

Take advantage of glass windows with garden views to make it look broad
Providing access to the rear garden in the living room area provides good air circulation and cool for the interior. The presence of minimalist furniture in the living room area, helps maximize the impression of space in homes built on limited land.

Clean white walls without many ornaments
A family room is often equipped with a cabinet under the television. Its function is as a storage rack of goods and a variety of electronic accessories related to television so it looks neat.

One option is a doorless cabinet for easy access in reaching goods inside. However, periodic cleaning is necessary to avoid the accumulation of dust in this furniture.
Dust can be cleaned by wiping or with a vacuum cleaner.

The application of custom built furniture can be a strategy for limited space, such as family rooms for example. You can also apply the cabinet that is attached to the wall so that a neat and sleek impression is created.

Furniture to taste according to needs
Living room in vertical housing can provide natural lighting as well as a beautiful view from a height. If the living room is small, don’t put too much furniture.

Mezzanine that utilizes vertical space (upwards)
Maximize small areas by creating mezzanine, such as the bedroom above the dining room. Air circulation from the house voids in the middle of the mezzanine floor makes the residence feel fresh.

Good lighting makes a small living room look spacious
The family room with windows stretching to the ceiling gets good quality light and air. Moreover, for the family room which directly coincides with the outside area of ​​the park that can give the impression of breathing freely towards people inside the house.

If the sofa is against the wall, make sure at least the front legs of the chair step on the carpet to make it look neat and together.

Arrange items vertically so as to minimize space usage. In addition, you can use wood paneling as a cabinet cover to make the room look neater instantly, especially when guests arrive.

To make the room more expressive, place a wall art / painting with attractive colors on one side of the wall. The arrangement of warm white lights with fluorescent techniques will provide a more elegant aesthetic space.

Oxygen produced by plants will make the living room feel more comfortable and make you feel at home. By watering ornamental plants indoors regularly,

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