How to Arrange Neat and Beautiful Frames on the Walls

Pieces of wood and paper clips
Just snap photos using paper clips and you can easily change photos at any time.

Wire in a wooden frame
This idea might require extra help and time, but it will give you very pretty results. Hollow and transparent wire can be a good wall decoration solution, because the side of the wall still looks relieved (not blocking).

Multifunctional flip-up whiteboard
Of course you are familiar with this clipboard, right? If you have several unused bases, use this board as a photo clip media.

An old piece of wood that is neatly lined up
Adjust the size of the photo with the wooden board that you have at home.

Close the adorable can
Put a circle (using a lid and a marker) on the photo, cut it, then paste it using hot glue.

Acrylic frame as in the photo gallery
Want a home like art exhibition and photography? Use the ruler as an accurate guide.

You can paste photos using the rear side. As a sweetener, add artificial ornamental plants on the top side. These devices can be found at stationery stores or home appliances.

Hang with rope and track
This system is a neat and expert way to display photos. By using a track, you can pan and move a range of photos along the available path. It is recommended to use, uniform photo frames, so that they are neat and stable.

Fresh photo
Don’t just display photos, but you can add dried plants as beautiful decorations. Flanked by glass, this photo frame looks so beautiful, elegant, and transparent.

A minimalist piece of wood
If you have a buffer like this from a calendar or brochure, use it as a picture frame. Print photos and stick them on a thick cardboard. Very simple!

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