Furniture That Makes Your Home Feel Comfortable

New year means it’s time for a new atmosphere at home. For those of you who have lived in the house for 3-5 years, this is the right time to restore the aura of freshness at home with the following 13 furniture:

The beds are super comfortable
Like hugging a mat with a beautiful, Hampton bed from Theodore Alexander wrapped with upholstered choices that are smooth and quality. Hampton uses Biscuit Tufted headboard or forms a line of buttons suitable for contemporary or classic style housing.

Beautiful nightstand and storage rack
Beautiful blends when side by side with the Hampton bed, Norwood chest of drawer can be a storage area as well as accent the room. In bold and dominating colors, this three-drawer cabinet is equipped with a simple brushed brass handle and soft close rails.

Ideal dining room requirements
To decorate the dining room, Tambura dining table is one of the newest products from Theodore Alexander. Tambura uses veneer and aluminum lati material which looks stunning in the middle of the dining room.

Can be adjusted to the overall interior feel and furniture around it, Tambura has a choice of finishing nickel and brass for table legs.

Multifunctional kitchen set
Flux Swing carries a modern concept with a futuristic form and integrated features. This collection from Scavolini was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a famous Italian car designer.

Flux Swing presents a dynamically curved cabinet door silhouette and built-in hood. Continuing with a smooth transition, this kitchen set is a series of dining tables, TV cabinets, and bookshelves.

Japanese-style kitchen set
For a more natural look, Scavolini has a collection of Ki by Oki Sato, chief designer of Nendo. In Nendo presents white containers that are elegantly designed for storage, stoves and sinks.

Looks harmonious with the wooden cabinet that voices the concept of tranquility from Japan.

Sofas with a comfortable reclining system
Natuzzi from Italy gave answers in each of his collections, including two of his latest series named Iago and Galaxy sofa. Both sofas are equipped with soft touch mechanisms to adjust the position of the headrest and seat. In just one finger touch, this sofa moves smoothly and turns into the perfect lounge chair. Each seat has a separate reclining system.

In addition to reclining, the height of the headrest on the Galaxy sofa can be adjusted so that it is very comfortable to lean the head when watching TV or for stature consumers.

Romantic work tables and chairs
Natuzzi is a well-known brand from Puglia, Italy, which has issued various collections since 1959, one of which is the Rose Chair which was designed with a romantic and modern feel. With an armrest design that blends backrest, the Rose chair features detailed cushion that resembles a blooming flower petal.

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