DIY Garage Tips To Be A Cool Room

Garage is one of the parts of the house that is often overlooked.

Starting from farming equipment to favorite bikes combined in the garage without any special placement.

To help organize your garage section, CASA Indonesia comes with some DIY inspiration that you can easily sample.

Create a mudroom in your garage
The first inspiration that you can apply is to create a mudroom.

Shelves in the mudroom as extra storage / Next Luxury
This mudroom will function like a sterile area before entering the house.

Dedicate one side of the wall to your exercise equipment
Are you a sports enthusiast?

Goods can be grouped according to their shape or usefulness / Best Life Online
You can create a corner dedicated to storing your sports equipment. Starting from your favorite racquet, ball, sport shoes to your best bike.

Creating a kind of sliding cabinet with pegboard also saves space / Make Space
Besides being easy to make, this inspiration also saves space because it can be mounted on the wall.

Create DIY shelves and drawers
To organize all the items by grouping them into sections, you can try making this DIY shelf as a large storage area.

These shelves can store a lot of equipment in various sizes / Modern Builds
The shape and size of this storage can be adjusted to the needs and size of your garage. You can also add several containers to store smaller items.

Create a DIY storage area from PVC pipes
Have lots of unused PVC pipe leftovers?

PVC pipe remnants after DIY / BHG
You can place this hanger on a wall or in a closet to save space.

Results of storage equipment that is accompanied by wheels / Own The Yard
In addition to making it easier for you to move shelves while working, the wheels will also help when tidying the garage because it is easier to move.

Keep your bicycle in a proper place
Many times people keep bicycles just by leaning on the wall.

Gather your shoe collection on this DIY shelf
This last point may seem trivial to some people, but first look at the effect produced by this shoe rack.

DIY shoe racks are made of wood planks / Simple Life of A Lady
In addition to contributing to neatness in the garage area, this rack will also make it easier for you to find the shoes you want to wear.

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