5 Ways How Your Style Can Affect Your Lifestyle

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Question: How many hours you have spent looping around ‘what to wear?’
Thanks to television commercials and reality shows, we are made to believe that fashion is a synonym of style. Our ‘style’ changes after every Victoria Secret’s show and Milan Fashion Week. We are all guilty of blindly following…correction…copying our favorite celebrity at some point in life.

How Your Style Can Affect Your Lifestyle

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“A winged eye-liner. That’s my style.” Which, apparently, changes as soon as Gigi Hadid decides to go all nude-eyes. Fashion and makeup roar, whereas style softly whispers, ‘That’s me’. Nobody could have said it better than Shawn Ashmore, “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality”. Indeed it is. Our style affects our lives in ‘n’ number of ways.

However, we have picked a few essentials…styling essentials that deeply affect our daily life. Is strolling along the beach in long casual dresses your style or are you more of a Goth person? Here are the five crucial elements that not only determine how stylish you are but also change the equation of your relationship with the world at large.

So counting down 5 ways your style affect your lifestyle…

  1. Dress to impress…or not? Fashion and beyond :

“How to dress like….” has become the most searched question on Google. From powerlifting apparel to office wear. We usually dress to impress. But do we need to? Splurging on expensive brands and putting up a real show is often mistaken as being stylish. You are definitely judged by your choice of clothes. However, it’s not about what you wear, its all about how you wear. 

Fashion and beyond

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Being a lousy dresser often gives an impression of one being shabby and unorganized. On the other hand, clean, ironed and aptly layered clothes make one look more put together. And if you manage to balance style with comfort, you’re already way ahead in the run.

  1. Essentials of a million dollar wardrobe :

Given a choice, would you prefer a million dollar wardrobe or one that suits your style?

A capsule wardrobe having all the essentials you need is the answer. It saves a lot of time and also the daily drama of “I have nothing to wear”. With websites offering great collections in literally everything, being glamorous doesn’t take much effort. Girls party dresses, brunch outfits. You name it they have it. Pick a base color of your choice and build your wardrobe around it. It demystifies fashion and helps you sport a stylish yet effortless look, each day, every day.

  1. Body Language: The science of speaking without words

Did you know it takes about 7 to 30 seconds for a person to make a first impression? Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to act cheeky all the time. However, knowing just the basic of proper body language might work magic in term of socialization.

Body Language

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For example, crossing your arms might be a sign of secrecy. Constant fidgeting with your fingers screams underconfidence. On the other hand, maintaining an eye-contact and slightly leaning towards the other person is considered a good gesture.  With great body posture comes great confidence and  can build a positive self image,wearing waist training corsets might help though! Subtlety is a great option whereas etiquettes are an absolute essential. With the growing demand for wine, more and more people are loving the idea of social drinking. Social and dining etiquette come into play, here.

  1. Communication: Play the word game right

One can never be too careful with words. Communication plays a vital role in establishing a relationship with others. It is that exclusive element of style that makes or breaks the deal.

Our choice of words, tone, and timing, determine how effective we are at communicating. Emotion-driven behavior might be alright once in a while, but let’s be honest, no one wants a hashtag attached. With more and more countries joining the list of wine consuming nations, lifestyle, in general, has undergone a major change. We love to drink, but many times we can’t hold it. Result? Embarrassment continues. Clear and crisp communication with poise is exactly what we want. Beating around the bush reduces one’s credibility.

Beauty is skin deep. Really?

The big question is does appearance matter? Sadly yes. But there’s good news too. By beauty, we do not mean those ‘old outdated standards of extreme fakeness’. Yes, the first thing a person notices about you is your appearance. No, they aren’t falling for your fake lashes or mariner watch. You could look hot in your bodybuilding clothes and gym shorts as well. Depends on how you carry it.

We are talking about over-all appearance. So let’s dissect the idea of beauty. A prim and proper haircut/hairdo, clean face and hands, *healthy skin* and a beautiful smile, to start with. If you are into makeup, choose wisely and accentuate your best features instead of painting the town. Literally.

Attitude Vs Arrogance: What’s wrong in being confident?

Attitude Vs Arrogance

Last but definitely not the least, wear your confidence up way high your sleeves. Confidence brings in charisma. One’s attitude reflects one’s core beliefs and principles. How we react to a situation says a lot about our personality.

For example, being in charge and being bossy are two very different things, almost poles apart. Humility and modesty are not the same as bashfulness. The list goes on.

The right attitude shouldn’t even give a hint of arrogance. Because elegance and attitude, never go out of style.

And seriously, stop comparing yourself to other people. Why blend in if we can stand out? What’s wrong in being the oddball if you are an ace at your game? Uniqueness and authenticity are a lethal combo. When paired with style, who knows, you might be the next Audrey Hepburn.

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