10 Things You Should Have In Your Kitchen

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If you’ve ever tried to purchase or improve stuff for your new kitchen, you’ll get to know that it is much more difficult to find high-quality tools for your kitchen. The more tools we have in our kitchen the easier life you’ll have. Regardless of gender, you must be a home lover to be a happy person. If you are an office guy you need relaxation when you come back to hame and the same with the wife. And if you are hour wife it’s you the one who is going to use the kitchen the most time in her life. So to make your kitchen resourceful make sure you have all the essentials for your kitchen.

1- Electric Kettle

Traditional kettles take much time to boil the water, whereas electric kettle are highly efficient and they give you quick results with minimal energy. If you are looking to boil your water quickly then electric kettles are very efficient. Due to the instant results, these electric kettles are so popular. There two different types of kettles, the electric, and the stove kettle.

The electric kettles are much faster than stove chattels. You don’t need to put the electric kettle on the stove, you can put it everywhere on outlet as flor and kitchen table. Before buying an electric kettle try to select the one with the maximum customization options like the auto switch option and led indicator.

2- Blender

A blender is a kitchen appliance that is used to mix, puree and emulsify the substances. Blenders are essentials for kitchen and the purpose of this countertop tool is more than just to make smoothies. There are many things you can make using blenders like dessert, soup, beverages, spreads, and sauces.

Do some homework before purchasing a blender. There are different variants in blends, try to get the one with maximum blad options. With a larger number of blades, you can make the larger number of things with the blender. When it comes to breaking down liquid things like souces, smoothes, salad dressings, pancake batter or fruit popsicles the choice should be blender as compared to a food processor.

3- Gas Cooker

If you are the one who requires affordable cooking go for a gas cooker. A gas cooker is fueled by propane gas (natural gas) that is much cheaper than LPG. Gas cookers have also been using a commercial for a long time due to its low cost for cooking. At gas cooker, you have complete control on your cooking with immediately switch off and on a feature of gas cooker. Whereas in the electric kettle you need to wait for sometime to cool down the heater and this time cooking keep on going.

Natural gas also cooks the food more deeply and fine as compared to electric cooker. A gas cooker is very efficient as you can switch off the gas once you finished cooking but in case of electric cooking, you can’t do so.

4- Custom Kitchen Cabinet

It is the kitchen renovation that makes you feel better when you cook. And it has to look beautiful and comfortable to get a feel of joy. Kitchen renovation improves the value and style of your kitchen. When you install custom cabinets in your kitchen with the help of designers you can choose the best quality material for your cabinet. Aso custom kitchen cabinets can fit with any design of your kitchen. Don’t forget to use a good quality of industrial handles with your custom kitchen cabinets. Good quality handles with cabinets gives you grip on the cabinet door and you can open and close it easily.

5- Microwave

Since the microwave entered in human life, in every residential and commercial kitchen it changed the way food is cooked. It has made cooking much easier and time-saving. Wit microwave oven there are fewer changes of food burning and combustion. Appliances other than microwave oven used to fry the surface of food leaving the inner part cold, which disturb the cooking process whereas in microwave find food is cooked.

If you have very limited space for the living then the microwave oven is best for you as it takes very less space. The microwave is turned off automatically when the time overs, you can set the time of your choice depending on the food, of your choice. No flames are produced in the microwave so anyone can operate it including children.

6- Sandwich maker

Every year hundreds of new appliances introduced in the market to use in your kitchen. The sandwich maker is one of the new kitchen appliances that is used in our daily life. To make quality, delicious and quick toasted sandwiches go and buy a sandwich maker. Most of the kitchen appliances are made to make healthier meals, this appliance is much smaller in size and can be fit anywhere in the small space of the kitchen. Sandwich makers are also not much expensive to buy, so you may purchase the one for your kitchen easily.

7- Food Processor

Feels stress while thinking about daily cooking?

Food Processor will save you several daily hours of stressful cooking and turn them into

the most enjoyable moments for you. It is the best companion which does its job quite efficiently to cook healthy food for you and make you stand out in front of your family and friends.


Food processor runs on electricity and has replaceable blades with a closed container.

You just have to place the food in the food processor and then the inner blades will take care of processing that food.

8- Juicer

Fruits are the best way to improve your health and the best way to intake them is through juicing. According to the survey in 2018, 39.29% of the total population consists of over the age of 65 years and under 15 years. It is really convenient for them to have fresh juice for the drink rather than eating them.

How to Use ??

After the selection of fruit you want to juice, Wash it to make sure it is dust clean then

slice the fruit, feed the fruit into the juicer and run it and you have the fresh juice waiting

for you.

9- Refrigerator

Cooked Extra Food? No worries!

No time to cook food? Again NO worries!

Just buy a refrigerator and place in your kitchen and refrigerator will then preserve your

food and you even can it can store your food from 3 to 4 days.

It is one of the most essential things that you should have in your kitchen. It is used to keep our food safe. The other thing the refrigerator does is to secure the food from bacteria.


It is the only thing you need to do is to place the fridge a little away from microwave or

an oven as both of device emits heat.

10- Pressure Cooker

Last but not the least Pressure cooker is not only one of the most essential part of the kitchen but also its presence in the kitchen can assist us in many ways.

Food that is cooked in a pressure cooker comes up with more nutrition than the traditional cookware. Due to its unique design the food cooked in it ready faster, full of nutritional boost with natural delicious taste.

Despite it’s cooking benefits, pressure cooker uses much less energy and time and make it really easy to cook any food. So if you are still using traditional cookers this is the right

time to switch to the pressure cooker.

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