The Anarkali Salwar Suit Remains an All-Time Favorite

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The Anarkali salwar suit is a versatile, ethnic outfit with a fascinating appeal! It has captured the imagination of women across India and the international landscape, thanks to its gloriously flowing and regal appearance! The best thing about it is that it is suitable for all ages and occasions, thereby prompting people to display it at casual affairs, anniversaries, engagement ceremonies, weddings, office parties, celebrations, and grand social events.

Inspired by Mughal Fashions

It is hard to imagine how the attire favored by Mughal Kings, could have had such a huge impact on women’s fashions with Anarkali suits! However, it did, and the fashion designer’s love affair with it has sustained over the ages! Of course, the name of the dress is derived from a love story with a tragic end, but fortunately, in contemporary times, it manages to conjure up visions of beauty, grace and aristocracy!


With regard to the love story, many of you must be aware of it, especially if you have seen the movie, Mughal-e-Azam starring Dilip Kumar as Prince Jahangir and Madhubala as Anarkali. The Prince’s father, who was King Akbar, was not happy to witness the Royal Prince falling for a common courtesan and had her entombed alive.

Perfect for All

Unlike the traditional salwar kameez suits, Anarkali suits tend to have broad flares from the waist downwards. The waist itself has a unique name – empire waist. The bodice may be tight or loose. The choice of neckline and sleeves is left to individual tastes. Whatever is the case, there is no denying that this particular style conveys the impression of the wearer having a perfect figure!


It does not matter if your silhouette is plump, short, tall, thin, slender, athletic, or apple/pear/hourglass-shaped. This is the perfect dress for hiding all flaws and highlighting the assets. Then again, it can be ethnic, traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern in style. Yet, everyone falls in love with this outfit, any time and every time!

A Contemporary Fashion Trend

Now, there is no restriction on how you should look throughout the day. Therefore, if you wish to feel comfortable during an ordinary walk or a casual outing, you are definitely welcome to wear an Anarkali salwar kameez. After all, this attire permits you to whirl, twirl and swirl with ease, wherever you go, and however fast your movements be!
At the same time, you may opt for designer dresses adorned with all kinds of decorations, embroideries, etc, for social affairs. Surprisingly, this derivative of the traditional Indian salwar kameez is highly popular amongst the beauties of tinsel town too. You will see your well-known Bollywood divas showing off their latest prizes at music launches, award functions, promotional events of their movies, etc.


Contemporary Experiments

Whatever you might say, the modern world becomes bored with everything too soon, and is always hankering after something new! It is the same with women’s clothing in the 21st century! Therefore, do not be astounded to view some of the latest trends in Anarkali salwar suits. To illustrate, there are suits patterned to resemble short frocks, shirts, capes and jackets. Then again, you should admire the boldness of the woman, who shows up in an asymmetrical suit. Of course, A-line, straight cut, etc, have already become hugely popular.


As for colours, vibrant red, resembling good ole blood, is a hot favourite amongst women of all ages! It is the colour of passion, love, sexy allure, etc! This choice is reasonable, for the name of the dress refers to this colour. Anar is the Indian term for pomegranate (with red- coloured seeds) and kali indicates flare. Thus, the flared salwar kameez suit is on ready display at weddings and special events. Even brides love the Anarkali suit!

Matching Jewellery

You will spoil the look of your outfit, if you do not find matching accessories for it. For example, if you wish to emulate the Mughal era look, go for nose chain, Pearl bangles, a Kundan necklace and a maang tika. Similarly, if you desire to look regal and poised, opt for a platinum/diamond necklace, accompanied by silver bangles.


However, if you are the ultra-mod type, wear triple-layered suits with minimal jewellery. Thus, mix-and-match with care, such that people stand still and stare!

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