Why Small Businesses moving towards In Hand Ads

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pizza-box-advertisingThis is the most sensible decision for entrepreneurs to select the best advertising technique for the business. They always try to market the business with low cost and high response rate. A successful campaign doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on it, moreover, small businesses also don’t have enough marketing budget. For the small business that has less budget for marketing, In the hand advertising is the best marketing strategy. In the hand marketing, techniques are highly responsive and it is also cost-effective that is the most concern module for a small business.

There are few types of in hand advertising including, pizza box advertising, coffee sleeve advertising, door hangers advertising, and drink coasters advertising. All these types of in hand ads have maximum no of reach, and ads on these things are dynamic, as they move with the customer and your ad also move and many people other than the customer also view your ad. Following are some of the key features of In the hand advertising that may tend you to move from traditional advertising methods to in the hand advertising methods.

Effectiveness of Ads

In hand ads, have maximum time with the customer and also with others in case of pizza box advertising. On average if you order a pizza, the pizza box will be with your for almost 30 to 60 minutes and if you are in a part of gathering, the pizza box and the ad on it is going to be watched by many other people. And here you don’t have your competitor ad with you. So you have a very good time to pursue your normal ad viewer into a customer. Now it all depends on the type of your ad. Same with the coffee sleeve, if you buy coffee it will be with you while you, whether you are sitting in your office or moving to market, the ad on your coffee sleeve is going to be watched by others walking around you.

No Competitors

The advertising methods that are mostly used these days are tv ads, newspaper, and internet. And when you go for any of these methods, your competitor will be in front of you to beat you and steal your customer and ultimately you sell too. But in case of in hand advertising, there will be no competitor to have competition with you. So you are the only one to show your ad to your customer.

Low-Cost Ads

Unlike traditional advertising, like tv ads and newspaper where you have to by seconds in tv and space in the newspaper, while in case of in hand advertising you don’t nee to buy time or space. Once you put your customized ad on a pizza box, coffee sleeve or on a door hanger the add will be on it for the rest of life.

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