6 Braids for Men to Rock Parties

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Braids are a way for people to express their creativity and individuality. More importantly, braids carry with them thousands of years of tradition and culture.

Throughout history, different braid styles have been used by men for various purposes – from signalling their warrior status, as in the case of Celts and Samurais, to making a political stand, such as the dreadlocks and afros worn by black revolutionaries like Bob Marley to symbolize black identity and power.

On top of their historical and cultural significance, braids are a great fashion staple, adding shape and texture to men’s hair. If you are looking for styles that you can rock at parties, here are 6 braids for men that you can try out.



Among the most popular braiding styles for men are cornrows. This is a classic technique that has served as the foundation for other more elaborate braiding styles today. If you are looking for a tight and clean hairstyle, this is a great option for you.

Cornrows take at least an hour to complete. Follow the steps below to create this hairstyle.

  1. Take a 1-inch section of hair and divide into three parts. Alternate pulling the left and right strands into the centre strand twice.
  2. Make sure that the braid is as tight as possible.
  3. Next, add hair from under the braid until the cornrow is complete.

Braided Mohawk


A braided mohawk is a bold and edgy choice for those who are looking for a more unconventional hairstyle. Combined with shaved sides, a braided mohawk will definitely catch everyone’s attention as soon as you enter a room.

To create this hairstyle, follow the steps below.

  1. Part your hair, leaving a large section on the top of your head.
  2. Next, start braiding this section from the hairline and down the entire length of your hair.
  3. You can shave the sides if you are going for the classic ‘hawk, or you can braid the remaining hair into cornrows.

Braided Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are a classic hairstyle that also conveys a strong cultural expression. They have been historically associated with Greeks, Aztecs, Buddhists, and many other cultures across the world. They became more popular in the West in the 1970s after the rise of counterculture groups like the hippies and the goths.

Braided dreadlocks rely on the natural tendency of hair to mat together over a period of time. Some of the usual techniques used to create dreadlocks are listed below. The right technique for you will depend on the length and texture of your hair.

  1. Twist and rip – This method involves twisting a lock of hair, splitting it in two, and pulling them apart to create knots.
  2. Backcombing – This technique requires teasing a section of hair towards the roots with a comb to make cylinder knots.
  3. Interlocking – With the use of an interlocking tool, which is a device with a hook at the end, pull new hair growth into an existing dread.
  4. Dread perming – With the use of chemicals, the hair is treated to create dreadlocks.
  5. Palm rolling – Like interlocking, palm rolling is a maintenance technique that involves the use of your palms to twist the hair into a circular shape.

Box Braids


As its name suggests, box braids look like tiny, squared off sections of hair. This hairstyle often requires the use of multi-coloured hair extensions to give the plaits extra length and added dimension. Since the braids are fixed to the scalp, you can easily adjust their size and length.

Although this style is very popular nowadays, remember that the braiding process often takes a long time to finish. Here are the steps to create box braids for your hair.

  1. Divide your hair into box-shaped sections and secure each section with an elastic
  2. Grab your extensions and begin braiding it in with your natural hair.
  3. Continue braiding until you get to the ends of your hair.

Dutch Braids


If you want to get that illusion of thick hair, even when you have very fine hair, Dutch braids are your best bet. Dutch braids are a very trendy hairstyle for men these days. They’re a real eye-catcher, especially when you keep the braids neat and tight.

Dutch braids are essentially created using the same technique as French braids. However, instead of adding a new section of hair over the section you have, you add it in from below. If you want to add a certain twist to this classic style, trying keeping it messy to give you that fresh and natural look.

Viking Braids

Although they’ve lived a long time ago, Vikings are definitely ahead of the times when it comes to hairstyle. Viking braids are still as popular for men today as they used to be back then. After all, who doesn’t want to sport the same bold and daring style that the warriors of yore used to have?


image3Viking braids are quite easy to do. just follow the steps below:

  1. Figure out which section of hair you want to braid, and separate it into three parts.
  2. Alternate pulling the hair from the left and right parts into the centre. Check out this video for a better demonstration of this step.
  3. Repeat the process until you have completed the entire length of your hair.


Braided hairstyles may date back thousands of years, but they have definitely never gone out of style. You have numerous options to choose from, no matter what hair texture or hair length you may have. Rock any party you attend with the styles listed above and never worry about being a wallflower again!


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