5 Amazing Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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If you are the one who loves to have the latest kitchen designs but doesn’t have enough time to read the magazines and afford the expensive decorating stuff for your kitchen. Then you are in the right place. Here we have a quick guideline about how to make your kitchen look beautiful with easy and cost-effective items. You can use these tips to update your kitchen to look like a room that gives you comfort. The best part about our kitchen tips is “you can one tip only to make changes in your kitchen or multiple parallelly” choice is yours.

When someone enters a home the first thing that you see are walls. But when you enter your kitchen, walls somehow ignored. Why? because of electric appliances including oven, refrigerator, gas cooker and other stuff that tend kitchen walls to ignore. Updating your kitchen walls using decorating items make a huge visual impact that tends your kitchen look beautiful.

1- Painted floor

painted kitchen floorThe first thing that you get in touch while entering in your kitchen is your floor. There is a big relief difference between standing in a rough dusty floor and in a fully furnished kitchen floor. So in this little guide, I am going to tell you my own kitchen story.

My kitchen’s condition was too ugly and whenever I entered into my kitchen it gives me a lot of stress. So I decided to make it looks better. But how? That’s the Question that was raised in my mind because I couldn’t afford costly things. Then the idea came into my mind of painting that rough floor.

Refreshing my floor with just after one coat made me thrilled that how it has appeared. It seems that it is sheltered with some gorgeous tiles. Isn’t it really cool?

I was so happy that in a low budget I managed to change my floors ugly look and I also recommend you to use this technique if you want to decorate your kitchen amazingly.

2- Dark Cabinetry

kitchen cabiner handlesWhen it comes to decorating your kitchen, the first thing that comes in your mind is the color of your kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets and other exterior hardware occupy almost 80% of kitchen space, so that has to be perfect looking. Always try to keep the color of your kitchen cabinets dark as this is going to be the physical part of your kitchen and you cannot change your kitchen cabinets twice a month or year just because the color is not good or they just got dirty. After selecting the color to choose the countertop to pair it with the dark cabinet to look beautiful.

When you have a dark color of kitchen cabinets, the contrast color for countertop should be a light color close to white with beautiful designs. The pairing of colors matters a lot as the 1st color should be contrasted with the counter color such as it should look nice. Kitchen cabinets never go empty as this is the only space in your kitchen to keep the things that you don’t use regularly. But remember to use a strong cabinet pulls to help in opening and closing it.

3- Paint Inside Cupboards

Paint Inside CupboardsIf you feel your cupboards are out of shape and looks dirty then this is the time to replace their look.

Do you really need to buy a new cabinet to get rid off? Not really! You can replace that ugly look and make them look stunning again.

A quick coat of paint can really do a job for you and will change it looks completely. And it is less costly than buying for a new one. But before painting, I will suggest you have a look at your cupboards that if they are damaged badly or have been used for a long time then even repainting can’t do the job really well.

Alternatively, if your cupboards have made of god solid material then this method will work for sure and the fresh look of your cabinets will be back in no time. So let’s dive into the brief guide that how you can paint your cabinets on your own.

Firstly, pull out everything from the cupboards and remove any type of hardware attached to it. Then you may need to wash it by using a sponge or by a piece of cloth so that the dust on the cabinet can be removed completely. And then paint them and you got a fresh new look for your cabinet.

4- Cooking Tool Wall Storage

Cooking Tool Wall StorageMostly while designing and constructing the home the kitchen get the smallest space. Due to the lack of space in kitchen things should be managed in such a way to use the space wisely. Otherwise, you may don’t get space in your kitchen to cut the vegetables to cook in the kitchen. The only problem is “How will you manage to fit everything in your small kitchen?”

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do with your kitchen to adjust the small space with so many things to handle. So the cooking tool wall storage helps to save the kitchen space. It just needs to install with the wall and that’s it. Following are a few tips to save space in your kitchen.

  • Hang racks for your kitchen utensils. A simple wall bar with multiple hooks that can hold the maximum tools.
  • Hang a pegboard with the wall and use it to hang your tools including pots and other items that you can hang.
  • Use magnet for Knives and other small things that are very hard to hang in hooks or pegboards. Magnet makes it easy to hang knives and other small items as you don’t need to hang one by one.

5- kitchen drawers

kitchen drawersIt does not matter how beautiful your kitchen looks. Whether the color of walls and cabinets are attractive and you have the most expensive electronic appliances. If your kitchen does not have reliable and functional drawers then its all in vain because the comfort is the first priority over designing. So make sure that you have working kitchen drawers and you have drawer pulls installed properly. Drawers are the items that you open and close many times a day so it is very important that you have installed drawer pulls properly.

The size of drawers shoulda always be according to standards, generally, the size comes with 1 1/2 inches small in depth. For example, if the opening is 4 by 16 inches, then the size of the drawer should go as 3 by 14 1/2 inches on the outside. This allows enough space for any size of the drawer to slide easily. Drawers color should match with the color of kitchen cabinets especially the color of the front side of the drawer. Some of the drawers should contain a lock so that you can lock sensitive things in the lock for child safety.

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