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Hijab or scarf is an Islamic practice that is commonly used by young girls and Women. Simple hijab styles are used to wear as a symbol of security and humility. Hijab is a nicely wrapped scarf around the neck that covers the whole head with covering all the hair and chest. Nowadays, there are different latest hijab designs available in the market.

Religiously, the hijab has great significance as a sign of respect. Women learn how to wear hijab in their early age as this will be the routine work in daily life after teenage and some time in teenage. Since last few years different simple hijab styles like twisted, knotted and pleated are going famously in women fashion. Arabic hijab styles are being embraced in the global fashion industry as they have unique hijab scarf design. We listed some most common and famous hijab designs that can be used.

Arabic Hijab Styles 2019

Arabic hijab design is the most famous in the middle east among Arabic countries. Arab hijab emerges with the light of their gorgeous clothing styles. The length of Arabic hijab is much bigger than it looks like as women used to wrap it two or three rounds around the head and neck to make the different Arabic hijab styles.

Arabic Hijab Style 2019  2019

Latest Hijab style 2019

A midway jersey with white sneakers creates a gorgeous cool look with a dim blue hijab. If you are heighted its a plus point as this dress style is suitable for highted women. This latest hijab style you can use to wear at any place including office, home and in an outing.

Latest Hijab Style  latest hijab style 2019

Oval Simple Hijab Style

The time when you don’t want to be fixed in so many clothes including the tight hijab go for a loose simple hijab style. This will give you full-time comfort and relaxation while working in the office or home. This hijab covers the whole head and the half of the chest. For a casual and attractive look choose a plush smooth material for the hijab.

Simple Hijab designSimple Hijab Design 2019

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Diamond Faced Hijab Design 2019

Luckily if you have got a beautiful diamond shaped face, you must showcase it to dominate your personality. This urban hijab design 2019 looks so elegant and gorgeous on diamond shaped face. And you use sunglasses with this hijab style, don’t ask me what will you look like, just go to in front of the mirror and found out.

Hijab Design 2019

Meeting Hijab Styles

This hijab style with a covered and simple look is the best meeting hijab style to attend any business meeting or get to gather. With this style, you have to choose a color that suits you and the color that doesn’t bother you in sweltering weather.

Meeting hijab styleMeeting Hijab Style

These were the some of the simple hijab styles, chose the best one that suits you and your face shape. Fashion does not end at the hijab only, there are some other things you should know about Girls Fashion. You can also visit Fashion Trends in young girls and Piercing Types.

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