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We’ve created the ultimate Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019 Gallery, born from the minds and Creative Genius of the Worlds Best Barbers.

This gallery is the future of men’s haircuts what appears on this site will be hitting the streets in 2019. We’re predicting a riot of men’s hair color & short crops . Beards are going to be the new clean shaven perfectly complementing a season of Fades.

Top 4 Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019

  • High Skin Fades are now main stream enhancing all the latest modern men’s haircuts.
  • Dapper Gent 2019 will see the return of the classics Pompadour, Side Parts, Comb Over haircuts.
  • Curly is king in 2019 leave it all natural ! Curly Hairstyle Gallery
  • Men’s Hair Color once only for Rock Stars now Rocking the high street.

Fade: Men’s Hairstyle trends 2019

mens fade haircuts

Buzz Word Fade ! choose your weapon is it going to be High Skin Fade as pictured above. Where hair is Razor short around the ears and nape tapering up to a ‘comb’ grade 0-1-2 then scissor work.

There are 4 main flavours of FADE as pictured below.

  • Low Fade shortest hair just around the ears.
  • Mid Fade slightly higher then short fade.
  • High Skin Fade razor short as high as you dare !
  • Drop Fade curving round and down at the back.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019 Vid

Textured Mess + Drop Fade + Full Beard

Messy textured just out of bed hassel free gents hairstyle, looks awesome with drop fade sides and lined out big beard.

Ultra Dapper Slick Back Taper Fade

Classic cool long slick back undercut with tapered sides great for thicker hair types. We also have a cool nape clipper design line.

Short Back & Sides Textured Quiff

men's hairstyle trends 2019

This classic mens haircut is always a winner. It will look great on your wedding day as it timeless & never dates.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019 Razor

mens beard styles 2019

On Point Razor cuts add texture and definition to a men’s hairstyle trends 2019.

“Ask your barber if he can use a razor or slice into your hair to add texture making it easier to style”

Styling Hack: To achive a matte textured effect on your Crop. On dry hair add a dime sized  amount of Bad Rabbit Hair Clay which has been warmed up in your palms, run it root to tip.

Gold Tipped Faux Hawk + Clipper Art

Pure haircut inspiration this is Bad Ass ! Barber Chesnyk Bogdan is taking things to a whole new level, with this 3D Clipper Art.

Full Pompadour + Tapered Sides

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Pompadour hairstyles look awesome but are a full time commitment, only choose this style if you have the styling skills and time on a morning to create this masterpiece. Its not for the man in a rush.

Hipster Chic Highlighted

Styling Hack: To achive this natural matte finish look, Spray freshly washed towel dryed hair sparingly root to tip with Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray for a flexible natural hold. Blow dry your hair back away from your forehead using your fingers to mold hair into the desired shape.

Bleach Blond Short Crop

Be adventurous stand out from the crowd like Moritz Taylor add a little color to your crop.

Dimond Geezer: Mens Haircuts 2019

Super Fresh Dimond Texture Men’s Haircut trends 2019. This is cool ! short crop + blunt short fringe and fade sides inc clipper design line.

Modern Mullet Hillbilly Chic

Men’s hairstyle trends 2019 “Mullet” standard short back and sides minus the short back keep some length !

Long Wet Look Curls Undercut

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Let it all hang loose with crazy wet look curls + long fringe undercut sides.

French Crop Fade 2019

The king of men’s hairstyle trends 2019 french crop fade. One of the most versatile mens haircuts add texture, long or short fringes, add mens hair color, anything goes.

High Quiff + Skin Fade

Modern brushed back Quiff with super short skin fade sides. Check out our Latino Hairstyles gallery.

Short Crop Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Favourite of the man on the move, great haircut for an active lifestyle. If you play sports and need a wash and go hairstyle that can also look great on a weekend. Then this is the one short textured crop kept bang upto date with blunt fringe and faded sides.

Military Buzz Cut Skin Fade

Mens Military Buzz cut short and sharp. Skin Fade sides Comb/Grade 2-3 straigh over the top no messing.

Rear View Tapered Faux Hawk

Don’t fancy a skin fade keep it tidy with a cool taper, its where the back and side hair gets nicely layered shorter as it goes down.

Mens Faux Hawk Haircut

Spikey Quiff Taper + Clipper Design

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019, Spikes quiff + tapered sides and cool nape clipper design lines this is awesome. Make sure your barbers up to task !

Natural Waves Long Fringe Tapered Sides

Long Slick Back Undercut + Hard Part

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Long Slick Back Undercut + clippered in hard part line and Mid Skin Fade.

Thick Hair Type Quiff Mens Haircut

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Great for thick hair types that have natural volume + lift great with drop skin fade.

Short Textured Crop Defined Fringe

men's hairstyle trends 2019

This textured crop looks great with defined fringe + big Verdi Beard Style.

Styling Hack: Don’t forget to keep that beard fresh, nourished + itch free. With the best selling GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Bay Rum Beard Balm. Awesome Rum scent highest quality ingredients.

1950s Jelly Roll Classic Barbers Haircut

Not one for the faint of heart capture a by gone age with this classic barbers haircut.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends Blond Faux Hawk

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Box Fresh Blond Funky Faux Hawk.

Low Maintenance Men’s Hairstyle

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Easy to maintain with minimum products but still look awesome.

Long Slick Back Undercut

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Traditional Dapper Gent

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Cool Classic Dapper Gents Hairstyle. Look great any where with this timeless brushed to a side mens hairstyle.

Styling Hack: To create a matte non shine, textured, defined hairstyle warm a small amount of Smooth Viking Styling Clay between your palms then finger it through your “Dry hair” root to tip. For a all day hold thats not sticky or greasy.

Ultra Long Men’s Hairstyle Trends

Live the Dream ultra long silky smooth hairstyle.

Medium Length Natural Brush Back

Hipster Undercut + Ducktail Beard

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Cavalier Styling Ducktail beard looks total Hipster.

Wet Look Side Part/ Comb Over

men's hairstyle trends 2019

Super Street side part/comb over looks awesome with faded sides and hard part clipper line.

A Star Is Born Bleach Blond Faux Hawk

Let your creativity run wild ! This Clipper Star Design is awesome a real show stopper. ” make sure your barber is happy to create what you want”

Short Wavy Crop + x2 Clipper Lines

Clipper Design Lines bring a standard mens haircut bang upto date.

Clipper Slice Line Spikey Faux Hawk

Blade thats what springs to mind with this Beast of a mens hairstyle trends 2019. Defined Spikey Faux Hawk tapered sides and great clipper slice line running through hair into beard.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends Beard or Not !

mens hairstyle trends 2019
Created By jake_thebarber1

x2 cool as F2&K dudes clean or beard ???

Old Guys Rule Silver Quiff

Just goes to show its never to late to look your best this is awesome.

Textured Spikes Mens Hairstyle 2019

You are what you are ! Image is everything.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019: High Skin Fade

Only The Brave ! Barbering perfection rear view high skin fade.

Mens Thick, Dark Short Haircut

If you’ve got it flaunt it ! This is a striking short crop for men with Dark Thick Hair the full beard is a great addition.

Blond Spikes Faux Hawk Taper

Bed Head Textured Mess

Cool low hassle mens haircut wash wax and go.

Styling Hack: To easily recreate this short crop mens hairstyle. Apply a small amount of Tigi Wax Stick to dry hair in a circular motion to create a cool defined semi shine textured effect.

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