35+ Extra Teen Boys Haircuts 2019

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At this age Image is Everything. So check out our latest Teen Boys Haircuts 2019 “Bang On Trend” updated galley ! Inc Sick Skin Fades, Faux Hawk Fade, Short Crop Fade, Side Part, Clipper Design Lines, Blunt Fringe, French Crop Fade.

Well guide you through the best styles of 2019 something with a little Extra !

Skin Fade Textured Mess + Fringe

teen boys haircuts 2019

This is a cool Teen Boys Haircuts 2019. Its a don’t care just got out of bed messy crop ! with addition of a low skin drop fade around the ears keeping things in order.

Long Wavy Fringe + Tapered Sides

This is Bang On, long wavy fringe “that would drive any adult crazy” but not a teen they can’t get enough of this ! + check out the upgrade low fade tapered sides + x2 clipper design lines.

Short Textured Crop + Long Fringe

Cool tidy crop works with or with out fringe.

Styling Hack: To easily recreate this short crop mens hairstyle. Apply a small amount of Tigi Wax Stick to dry hair in a circular motion to create a cool defined semi shine textured effect.

Spikes Faux Hawk + Skin Fade

Funky Faux Hawk + Skin Fade + Clipper Slice Line. Great update on a classic teen buys haircut.

Curly Top Teen Boys Haircuts 2019

Go with the flow curly top teen boys haircuts 2019 why fight the curl ?

Styling Hack: To achive this natural frizz free curly finish , Spray freshly washed towel dryed hair sparingly root to tip with Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray for a flexible natural hold.

Dimond Geezer + High Fade

This is going to be massive this season the dimond texture french crop fade.

High Bald Fade Short Crop

Great low maintenance short crop Teen Boys Haircut, great for the sports player wash wax and go.

Modern Bowl Cut + Tapered Sides

teen boys haircuts 2019

Updated classic bowl cut ,a heavy on top haircut “wedge” with blunt fringe that tapers down to a fade on the sides. Extras Inc x2 Clipper Design Slices.

French Crop Fade 2019

TIP:  To recreated the Texture rub a pea sized amount of Tigi Matte Wax  between your palms till warm then spread through your hair root to tip. The style will last all day and Matte Wax even thickens finer hair.

French crop fade 2019
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