Different Types of Ear Piercings 2019

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Everyone is nerve-racking about getting an ear piercing as everyone is concerned about the ear piercing pain and how it will look after installation. But the reality is different than what it looks like, if you choose a professional artist for ear piercing, you are not going to face the pain only a little time to heal. Here we will cover different types of ear piercings 2019 that suit you.  Despite gaining the popularity since last few years there is much that piercing lovers don’t know yet ranging from piercing pain, cost and time to heal.

Ear piercings are the best accessory for the outfit when you are not wearing any jewelry. If you have a hard time choosing a perfect ear piercing, we have collected the different types of ear piercings that you can see how it looks before you actually wear it. Don’t forget to read the things you should know before piercing at the end of this article.

#1 Earlobe Piercing

The soft portion of the ear is called earlobe, and the most commonly demanded ear piercing is earlobe piercing. It is done on the soft area of the ear at the bottom side. This is the most sensitive ear piercing and it takes 2months approximately to heal. There are further two types of the earlobe, upper earlobe and lower earlobe. Depending on the size of earlobe some people manage to have three piercings at the lobe.

earlobe piercing   lower earlob piercing 2019

#2 Helix Piercing

Any piercing made to the ear’s upper cartilage is called helix piercing. There are various types of helix ear piercing. You may have singe, double or triple helix piercing depending on your piercing taste. And when you pierce your front cartilage area is it called as forward helix piercing, forward helix ear piercing is much different than standard helix piercing.

helix piercing   forward helix piercing

#3 Industrial Piercing

industrial piercing has become increasingly the most commonly used ear piercing in the last few years. It gives you a look different than other piercing types. The jewelry that is used for the industrial piercing is large and highly visible. Two holes are made in industrial ear piercing. However, the 2nd hole is much painful to make as compared to the 1st hole. The pain isn’t so bad that I can’t take it but the pain is bad enough if u get it on the side that you sleep on you cannot lay on it at all.

industrial piercing    different types of ear piercings

#4 Conch Piercing

The minute when you want to add another piercing jewelry to your ear other than helix and earlobe it comes to conch piercing. When you pierce the middle portion of your ear’s cartilage it is called conch piercing. This is the spot where you can see the largest area of cartilage. You can get either an inner conch piercing or an outer conch piercing. The upper part is outer conch whereas the lower part is called inner conch.

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 outer conch piercing   inner conch piercing

#5 Rook Piercing

It is rook piercing when you pierce the inner ridge of the ear cartilage in the ear center which is exactly parallel against the outer rim. There are different types of ear piercings buy rook piercing is one of the famous ear piercing. Rook ear piercing is also used as a medication for migraine attacks. Pain for rook piercing is much less than septum piercing.

different types of ear piercings   rook ear piercing

#6 Tragus Piercing

If you look at your earlobe, you’ll get to know that there is a hard area in front of your ear canal, That’s the tragus. It is made out of cartilage that is why it is hard but still it can be bend. And piercing on it is called tragus piercing Don’t be panic with the bleeding during or right after the surgery, its normal in piercing.

Tragus Ear Piercing   Tragus Piercing

#7 Daith Piercing

When you pierce the innermost cartage fold in your ear it is called daith piercing. This part of cartilage is much difficult to access for piercing. Daith ear piercing should be performed by a professional only the one you trust on. The cool thing about daith piercing is that it often proves as a remedy for migraines.

Daith Ear Piercing   Daith Piercing

With the unsterilized equipment, there are high chances of infection be aware of that. Infection can get into puncture even after the piercing has healed, try to clean your piercing 2 times a day.

Of course, this is not the end, there some other different types of ear piercings but we discussed the most famous and trending. If you are looking for more about girls hairstyles or outfitClick Here

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