Top 10+ Zayn Malik Hairstyles 2018

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Zayn Malik is the icon in the fashion industry. People do not like his songs only but they are fallen in love with his style. So, I have collected a complete brief picture story of Zayn Malik hairstyles 2018 you definitely want to see and try. But before that I just want to share some brief introduction of the revolutionary part of his life.

Zayn Malik, the rising star, is an English singer and songwriter. He started his singing in Reality television competition named “The X Factor”. That show was proven as the life changer for him and from that day he didn’t look back and has achieved many milestones and much yet to come.
One of the Most popular songs from him includes

  • Dusk Till Dawn: This is my all-time favorite song and the pitch he used in it, just unreal.
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever: The Best Romantic song I have ever heard.
  • Let ME: I don’t think this song needs description. It’s the name that describes all.

I have a huge list of songs and I can write a never-ending article just about his songs but for now, this article is just for Zayn Malik haircuts. So let’s dive into that list !

Here is the list of Top 8 Zayn Malik hairstyles that you will make your inspired.

#1 Upper Brush Zayn Malik haircut

Thi this is most famous Zayn Malik haircut. Its a good combination of short hair at the top and almost no hair at sides with a stunning beard. If you are from the one who likes this style then you need short hair at top with clean sides.

Zayn malik hairstyle

#2 Zayn Malik hairstyle 2018

Besides his songs people also like his hairstyles. If you are the one who follows his hairstyles then this Zayn Malik hairstyle 2018 is for you. For this hairstyle, you need long hair at back and a patchy beard. The only thing you need to do is to keep caring your hair for two months and let them grow. As soon as they grow, you are ready to go and adopt this handsome look.

zayn malik hairstyle 2018

#3 High hair Brush Cut

Many of us like the white gray color of hair. If yes, then here is brown hairstyle of Zayn Malik for you. This is one of the trending hairstyles among the young generation, Especially fans of Zayn. A greyish look of you will make your look unique and handsome. So, I will definitely suggest you give it a try.

zayn malik hairstyle cut

#4 Zayn Malik Latest Hairstyle

It is the toughest job for any barber to style your hair in two different colors. Here in this hairstyle, Zayn Malik has two different colors of hair. The bottom part is black and the top is light brown. It is Zayn Malik Latest hairstyle cut and One of my best haircut that is in my first priority. If you like two color hair, you must give a try to this hairstyle.

zayn malik haircut

#5 Messi Medium length

When to get into teenage, you think you are the most energetic boy in this universe. And the truth is somewhere else. Yes, it looks like you are the wiser but looks at this boy Zayn Malik. At the teenage, he is looking like a hero. And you? This is why no all men are same. Here Zain Malik had a great hairstyle with long hair ate top and short at sides with a thin beard. A gentle hair look can make you confident and a rough haircut can make your confidence loos.

zayn malik hairstyles

#6 Zayn Malik Ponytail Hair look

When it comes to ponytail hairstyle, this is the hairstyles that is liked the most my young people. This is just the coolest hair-cut to look dashing. Just short hairs and have cropped fringe and you have done, rest the Work will Zayn Malik hairstyle does.

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zayn malik hairstyle 2017

#7 Rough Hairstyle

Rough hairstyle always makes you relax with your work or fly. Actually, this is the hairstyle that does not take time to style. For Zayn Malik, this is not a hairstyle only but also a symbol of success that you don’t care the fucking world that what do they think about you. If you are going with a rough hairstyle this will keep you calm and motivated.

zayn malik hair

 #8 Short Textured Haircut

Once again this is hairstyle for the teenagers. If you have a silky hair with the oily look then go for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to style. You just need to make your sides shaved and short hair at the top. This style can give you a very decent look.

zayn malik hairstyle 2018

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